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Life at 15,000ft up

Posted on January 29, 2017

Belated happy new year! After yet another hiatus, I’ve finally come back to revive this blog of mine. To make up my extremely long absence, I present you guys with something incredible and I’ll going into full detail about it. 🙂

Last week, I finally got to cross out what was sitting on the very top of my bucket list: SKYDIVING.

I’ve been wanting to do it for years and years now, and you can’t imagine my happiness when I finally got to do it. It was the “Best. Day. Ever.” It took a while for me to go through with it not because I was afraid or anything, but because I kept waiting for someone to go with me and share the experience as well. Unfortunately, most were afraid of heights and those that did want to go with me were either out of the country or unavailable. Since I wasted a lot of time last year and barely did much, I just thought, “Fuck it. I’ll go alone.” which I did. I got tired of waiting around for people so I just went for what I wanted, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made so far.

Like I said I’ll be going into full detail of my experience and this will also serve as my review for Skydive Geronimo Rottnest.reginecelinatakestheworld-skydive-geronimo-rottnest-island1My skydive day was on the 20th of this month, but I had it booked a week prior on their website. It took about a week after my dive before I was able to get my photos and the video I had taken from them, but it was all worth the wait. The photos turned out great and the video was wonderfully edited as well. I was really pleased with all the outcome. It was a bonus to have a bottle cap opener USB flash drive as well when I got my files. I found it really cool. 😀

All the photos and the video below are courtesy of Skydive Geronimo.

While there are a few companies that provide skydiving services in Western Australia, I believe that the Skydive Geronimo in Rottnest Island was the most convenient for me. I took the 25 minute ferry from Fremantle at $75 roundtrip. The other companies that I found were mostly about a two hour plus drive from Perth City. Other than it being nearer to Perth, the view around Rottnest Island was just majestic.

The most important thing I should probably tell you are the prices. Skydiving is not cheap at all. However, I found that Skydive Geronimo had one of the cheapest fares around the state which was a definite win for me.

Their prices (as mentioned in their website) are:

  • $349 for 10,000ft (30 seconds of free fall)
  • $449 for 14,000ft (60 seconds of free fall)
  • $499 for 15,000ft (66 seconds of free fall)

Their rates had many inclusions such as a complimentary drink of your choice from Hotel Rottnest among others. I firmly believe that you get more than what you paid for with Skydive Geronimo Rottnest.


They also have a handcam photography and videography package which I availed for $150. I would definitely encourage you guys to get this package because this is an experience you’d want to keep in your memory bank forever. They’ve done such a wonderful job with mine that I highly recommend you get this package from them.



The whole thing took up two hours starting with the induction and filling up of forms (if you haven’t done it prior to your arrival) up to the landing at the beautiful Salmon Bay beach. You wouldn’t really notice the time go by, honestly. Especially when you had a view as majestic as the ones in Rottnest Island. The entire time was a real delight.


My skydive tandem guide was the awesome Glen.reginecelinatakestheworld-skydive-geronimo-rottnest-islandonimo-rottnest-1



The scariest part of it was the fact that I wasn’t even scared at all. Not even in the slightest. I was excited the entire time. I had no room for fear that day. I think it’s because I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time and I was just so ecstatic about finally getting to do it all my own.

That 66 seconds of free fall was enough for me to quickly (very quickly) reflect on all the things that’s lead up to where I was falling to (literally). While my 2016 wasn’t as fruitful or as productive as I hoped it would have been, I was still incredibly grateful for everything that’s happened then and all that I had lost, more so what I still have. In that moment, I was so proud of myself because I know this experience isn’t just for the brave, but also for those who wanted it more than they were afraid of it and actually made it happen. 15,000ft was enough for me to further appreciate the life that I’m working hard for and that brighter future that I want for myself and everyone else.


I won’t lie that I thought of the things that could go wrong. I had a running joke with my best friend days and a few moments prior to the jump, but I kept my thoughts strong. It was a requirement to trust your tandem guide just as it is as important to trust people in general. Like every risk, you won’t really know until you’ve tried it, right? It also helped to keep a very positive composure and attitude towards it and I think that’s what made it even better for me. Despite everyone telling me how brave or insane I was for wanting to go through something like this, I kept my stand. I have no regrets. No more. Just like everything, your life is your own and it matters not what others may think of you just as long as you’re not stepping on anyone’s foot in pursuit of what you want. I’ve had enough of waiting for other people. I’m finally doing things for me now and that’s what I was most proud of. 🙂


The entire staff of Skydive Geronimo Rottnest were absolutely the best. They were extremely accommodating starting with the booking. My skydive date was actually on the 19th, but the weather was too windy that day so they had to reschedule it the next day. They called me up before 8AM to let me know about the weather and they did it again on the day of my skydive to reassure that everything was great for that day. I really appreciated their customer service because all of the staff were super friendly and very enthusiastic. They answered all the questions you would have and thoroughly entertained all the concerns that would arise. My experience with them made it all the more memorable because they were such a great team. They took care of all their clients and that’s what stood out for me. They made sure that my experience and everyone else’s was for keeps.


Without any further ado, here’s my skydive video courtesy of Skydive Geronimo Rottnest. Enjoy!

As you can see from the video and the fact that I’m writing this blog post, that I am very much alive. I did not die (lol). I would highly recommend you guys to also go up and skydive because that was absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had so far! You won’t ever regret it, I swear.

Thank you so much, Skydive Geronimo Rottnest! Until the next jump~ 😀reginecelinatakestheworld-skydive-geronimo-rottnest-islandonimo-rottnest-00155

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More from me soon, keep posted! 🙂

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